Two Catalan “processes” hard to swallow


Llegeix aquest contingut en català aquí
Translated by Álvaro Rodríguez Huguet

Barça and the Catalan process of independence, two topics that, according to gurus, must not be mixed ever, though they are in similar phases. These similarities begin if you notice who has been in front of the two projects the last months: Quim Torra and Ernesto Valverde. Two people that do not instil any charisma at all and that, although they are both great professionals, surely, they are not appropriate to lead projects of these magnitudes.

The fact more difficult to call into doubt is that both of them look like very nice people. In fact, too much to deal with their charge for sure. For this reason, although their task can be called so much into doubt, it is very unfair the way they turn out, one of them suspended and the other seeing how his workplace is nearly sold in auction while he was still in the charge.

It would not be a nonsense to say that they failed; but, in any case, they are only the visible face of this failure. Behind their back there are two projects that remained stuck and were not able to reinvent since their best moments. Football and politics have evolved very fast and, neither Barça nor independentist movement are adapting well in this new context. Time is gone, but people that led independentism and Barça in its finest moments in these last years continue in the front row; but being able to contribute lesser than in that moment. In this way, a similar speech keeps remaining the same as before, but it is opened a clear crack between this speech and reality. And, if not, it only needs to be observed that introducing the republic has become a dialog table and “Barça model”, in a remedy almost infallible to cure insomnia.

That has an affectation on the followers, that could be simplified in one word: frustration. For this reason, any new stimulus is useful to turn frustration into hope. In this way, Quique Setién has showed up like a tsunami to be a wisp of hope or, as usual now, melted his wave in a wide sea of frustration. Frustration because wasting the strength of all people that supports you is like wasting to have Messi. It all will be more difficult when these people decide to leave.

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