“The Church is very hypocrite and is the origin of the homophobia”


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Translated by Álvaro Rodríguez Huguet


Armand de Fluvià has never left Barcelona and still sleeps in the same bed where he was born, in 1931. VÍCTOR NAHARRO

The heraldist Armand de Fluvià (1931), son of an Enric Granados’ pupil and an heiress of the industrial bourgeoise, was the first to fight for the gay rights in Spain, in the 70s.

How was the beginning of the activism?
It was all clandestine. We, homosexuals, were considered child corruptors that only went after boys’ asses. In medicine, we were ill, for the Church, the worst sinners.

After fifty years, what have changed?
It has changed so much… Now we don’t have any legal type of discrimination. Nowadays, the fight is all against homophobia, through media and education. Laws have changed, but mentality is more difficult. Once they asked me if I don’t mind being called “fag”. But, why? It’s an insult that, if I accept it, I remove the intention from it. Yes, I am a “fag”. So what?

And for the Church, are you not “sinners” anymore?
The Church is always opposed. Most part of priests devote themselves boring into boys’ little asses; the history is full of assassin Popes or that they shagged their daughter. The Church is the most hypocrite of the entire world, and the origin of the homophobia is religion.

Did you ever believe in God?
I’m a completely atheist, luckily. I was boarded in Escolapis de Sarrià i de Mataró, but after that I began to think on the grounds of all that I was told since I was little. I did a lot of reading, and since 1958 I was sure: no one can prove God exists, neither can I convince anyone that it doesn’t exist. Something like Willy Toledo said, “screw God”. If someone gets offended, well, deal with it. Freedom of speech is freedom of thought.

What do you think about the Catalan political prisoners?
I can’t figure why people don’t revolt. It’s an absolute legal abuse, it’s incredible, an atrocity. After everything Castile has done to us, we want the independence. This is going on for many years, I myself was in prison twice during the dictatorship, for being a monarchist and an anti-Franco person.

Are you monarchist?
I was a monarchist because I thought it was the only bloodless solution to get out of dictatorship. But when Felipe’s uncle died, Don Juan, I said: “The King is dead, hurrah for Catalunya”, because Juan Carlos only was “women, bulls and football”. I don’t think Leonor will ever reign; the republic will come first, since not even they believe in monarchy. The only obligation they have is to marry a princess, and neither that. The current queen is pro-abortion and divorced, everything but catholic. Moreover, she’s unbearable, very stuck-up.

You believe a lot in legitimacy. How do you feel about the law that allows to change the surname to their liking?
I find it absurd, a misunderstood feminism. Being the first surname from the man it doesn’t mean him being more important. But everyone is fine with it because not being feminist now is seen very badly, and because in Catalunya they don’t even know what genealogy is. At times I’m called genealogist and at times gynaecologist!

Do you still dedicate yourself to the genealogy?
Yes, I am working on the General Noble of Catalunya, I have published two volumes and I’m on it all day long. I haven’t got even five minutes without knowing what to do. This is my opera magna, but I don’t know if I will be able to finish it, since I’m 88 now.

How do you feel about death?
As I don’t believe in heaven and anything…, I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid of suffering. But I still want to live many more years; I would love being here when humans arrive at Mars, since when we landed on the moon was a fantastic thing. That’s why I try my best in taking care of myself: I walk all I can, every Monday and Wednesday I do 40 pools and for 25 years now I don’t eat meat nor fish nor dairies.

Do you live alone?
Yes, but it won’t last I hope. I’m processing my marriage with a 35 years old man from Cuba. He’s a sapiosexual, he’s in love with intelligence. I know no one will believe this, but I don’t give a damn. I love him and he loves me.

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