Sexual revolution, kind of


Llegeix aquest contingut en català aquí
Translated by Álvaro Rodríguez Huguet

Satisfyer. Polyamory. Swingers. Open relationships. The way of living love and sexuality has really evolved in the last forty years. Since the LGT movements’ claims to the BI; distinguishing between feelings and sex, all being communicated always with this partner —or partners— with whom you decided to share part of your life.

But, what happens if we move the centre out of this reality of ours. This reality that we think is the only one that exists. Data from the OMS: 200 million women and girls in the world, 18.000 in Catalunya. Unfortunately, that isn’t the number of free women, but the one that suffered female genital mutilation. The ones who suffered a flagrant violation of the human rights.

It violates the rights of childhood, health and physical integrity, among many others reunited in the Carta. But also it perpetuates the sexist wheel of a system in which the male privileges’ presence is in every area. So is in the sexual one. Men can enjoy sex, women can’t. And that also happens —keeping distances— in the so developed world in which the main goal of a sexual intercourse is his orgasm.

While you are reading this, up to a thousand girls are suffering a mutilation from their families. But also, in hands of health staff, which doesn’t mean that is safer. The consequences are infections, complications in the birth and risk of death even. No benefit, in exchange.
Female genital mutilations are considered a form of male violence. It’s a cultural-religious habit, indeed. Even though, no tradition nor any faith can justify an act so gross as it is this of cutting a girl clitoris for depriving her of enjoying sex.

Women have to be pure, loyal and feminine. They cannot masturbate, have sex with more than a person nor before marriage. All of this because they were born as women and, as such, have to obey unfair and phallocentric social standards.

We get back to this reality of ours. Everybody is feminist (Hurray for the 8M!) and against the violence of genre (remember 25N!). But beyond these days, who does think of the mutilated 200 million girls and women? After all, we’ve done here the sexual revolution, haven’t we?

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