Llegeix aquest contingut en català aquí

Translated by Álvaro Rodríguez Huguet

Above to the Montjuïc mountain is placed an architectural symbol, known as Poble Espanyol. It was built in 1929 due to the World Expo took place in Barcelona. This building, that intends to recreate the style and architectural characteristics of the several Spanish regions, is a very small village flooded by restaurants, museums, squares, schools, theatres, alleys and even craft workshops.

Input High Fidelity Dance Club, with its design rather industrial and modern,is the host of many electronic music artists every weekend and it has become, over the last decade, one of the main destination discotheques for this musical genre. Its popularity it might be because its location, and also for this reason, its visitors often spend more time pondering out to the terrace –“terrace” referring to the village stone alleys developed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch– than inside the building itself, where the crowd of all ages spend hours contemplating the set of some DJ, from Sweden, Romania or Brussels. Their audience join this contemplation with their arms raised and moving their head up and down, some of them in a more effusive way than others –probably because of the help of some drugs that makes them believe they are enjoying the music that are listening to more than they think, usually formed by simple beats.

Winter night

Last January 17 the disco hosted Artbat, a Ukrainian DJ duo that was formed in 2015 and, as no one has done it before, they chose the first letters from their names to baptize the group name. Although their performance started at 2 AM, the rural Poble Espanyol had its doors open to a row that followed the Montjuïc slope, two hours before it started. The profile of these people that shaped the row was diverse, from girls in their twenties dressed in shiny tops and sunglasses of some original colour to 50-year-old mans dressed as if they were going to a barbecue right after. Overall, the atmosphere perceived was composed by smoke  –stressed by the cold–, a heap of conversations and shakings, probably because of the 7 degrees that stroke that night or the side effect of some drug or, in any case, the explosive combination of both.

Every 5 or 10 minutes buses, taxis and cabifys showed up, from which a handful of young people went out walking quickly headed to the row. Ironically, in 90 % of these arrivals, the music playing that could be distinguished from the car or bus was pop or reggaeton, most likely to not getting tired of the intense electronic music session they had ahead. At 1.30 AM the first avalanche of exalted individuals went through the doors.

The atmosphere perceived was composed by smoke, a heap of conversations and shakings. Most of them will spend almost all night asking for cigs to their new friends

The experience begins

People in a rash to make it to the front row get in without knowing that most of them will end up spending almost all night in the “terrace” asking for a cig to their new friends. That day, outside in the terrace, there was so many people than usual for sure, since Artbat, although they are a well-known duo worldwide, is characterised by their deep, dark sound, almost hypnotic, called by the experts progressive or dark techno. This music type that surrounds the receiver with an abducting sensation encourages, to the not so keen above all  –that just ended up in Input because their friends pressed them or without knowing who the performers were– to go outside the club where, disregarding the 10 degrees, the mix of alcohol, smoke and human warmth leave the cold in nowhere.

It happens in this external square with black chairs of plastic where people of different neighbourhoods, villages, towns or countries even, become best friends and share honest hugs. It happens in these alleys of grey walls where people of all ages reveal secrets most likely not spoken before because of the fear of being judged by a person to whom they asked for a cig two minutes ago; where tens of phone numbers are exchanged to organize parties that are never going to happen; where tens of British people invite their Catalan friends to visit their country… All of that said with slur words and restless jaws.

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