Translated by Álvaro Rodríguez Huguet

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Josep Carvajal discovered at his 14 years old what will mark him for life: working the iron. Nowadays, 70 years old, an industrial building in Alcoletge (Segrià) gathers his whole career as a blacksmith. Balconies, lamps and, above all, bells are the wide collection of pieces crafted in the forge, his crown jewel, that kept with him during the 56 years career as an iron worker.

He describes himself as a craftsman and considers that that is what makes his task different and unique, since only a few know so well as himself the forge universe. For this reason, he has the honour of being the only one who can ring the bells of the Seu Vella de Lleida and he is the utmost responsible.

This charge have led him to live anecdotes, for example the visit of Mónica Terribas in his workshop, 2015 was the year when the journalist was invited to the transfer act of the gothic bell Mónica, that had to be transferred to Germany to be repaired.

Josep Carvajal

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